The Seqret Book

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The Seqret Book began as a constellation of notions about how a book might be written, designed, published, discovered, and read. In both method and form it depends on the interplay of curiosity, chance, and intuition. The Tarot cards contribute a stochastic element - the intervention of a random variable into story-making to encourage improvisation, playfulness, and trust in the deep wisdom of the unconscious.

Borrowing from Borges, The Seqret Book might be described as an ideal sphere inserted into the realm of virtual reality. Or as a scattering of leaves. Or as a multidisciplinary collaboration in sound and vision.

Work on The Seqret Book continues. In keeping with the literary tradition of serialization, new draws are added at regular intervals. Offshoots of the project are in development as digital, print, and experiential works.

David Friend originated the concept, draws the cards, and does the writing.

Scott Wise refined the concept, designed the graphic elements, built the interface, and provides continuing creative direction.

Adrian Gordon Cook composed and created the sound design.

Aaron Friend Lettner refined the concept, manages disparate aspects of the project, and provides guidance and continuing creative direction.

Special thanks to David Duclos for inspiration and discernment.

Special thanks as well to dopolavoroteatrale - Daniele Bartolini, Ada Aguilar, and the exceptional performers who translated the inner workings of The Seqret Book into an experience with a life all its own - The Seqret City.

With appreciation to Wendell Block, John Cook, Paul Eprile, Alana Friend Lettner, Margot Lettner, Pamela Colman Smith, and A.E. Waite.

The Seqret Book is free to read and is largely self-funded. If you’ve enjoyed exploring the book…if the look and feel of it have caught your eye…if the writing has made you wonder…you can support the project in a couple of ways.

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